M.D. Schlatter Goes International

I am so shocked! I now have confirmation that my books have been sold in both Belgium and Italy! How cool is that. When I started writing several years ago I never imagined that my stories would actually become physical books. Then, I started sharing some of my works on my family blog and soon... Continue Reading →

July Newsletter Released Late

There is so much going on. I'll be honest, some days it is difficult to simply keep all the children fed! However, as the summer activities start to wind down and the school shopping gets done, I'm finding more time to keep up with all the things I've let slip during the summer. Sending out... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Matthew E. Nordin

Today I am so excited to share an interview with Matthew E. Nordin. I 'met' Matthew through Dot's House and have followed him on Facebook as he has continued his journey. He, and his lovely wife, are two of the nicest (and funniest) people I've worked with. It is a pleasure to support and stand... Continue Reading →

What is a Review?

I promised a while back to do at least one post on Writing a Review. Let's start at the beginning. A review by definition is: to go over (lessons, studies, work, etc.).to view, look at, or look over inspect, especially formally or officially: to review the survey mentally; take a survey of: to review the... Continue Reading →

Family Stories

Every now and then I ask the kids to play a writing game with me. Usually the rules go something like this: Help me write a story by finishing the sentenceAdd no more than 3 words at a timeYou can only add words during your turn and only to the going back!Only Mommy can... Continue Reading →

Guest Authors

I'm going to try something new. I don't know how far I'll get, but I'd like to try. Once a month (or maybe every other month), I'm going to attempt to interview a fellow author and post the interview here on my website. It will then, of course, get shared to my Facebook page. I've... Continue Reading →

Travane is finished…

You read that is DONE! Dot's House is running a special Pre-Order Sale Event where you can get Travane in printed form for only $9.99*! You read that correctly...$9.99*! Due to the length of the final draft revisions, the regular price of Travane had been increased to $14.99*. So, after the Pre-Order Sale ends,... Continue Reading →

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