A Dream Come True…

I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to report that M.D. Schlatter Books is now available on CHRISTIAN BOOK DISTRIBUTORS!

This has been a dream of mine that is finally being fullfilled. When I first decided to publish my books that was my #1 goal…to be listed with the number one Christian Book Distributor in the nation! Today, that dream became a reality.

Here is the proof…not that you all needed it but I did…look:

I know the book covers aren’t loaded yet, but I also know that will come with time. Sometimes it take a few days for everything to get transfered over. I simply cannot tell you how excited I am about this and how much I believe this will change things for M.D. Schlatter Books!

In other exciting news, I posted a few weeks ago about being international, well I found out that I have extended my range from Belgium and Italy to GERMANY! Things keep getting better and better. And the best part is that I know it is not me, but God working for me because truly, I have done very little other than write.

Okay, it is getting really late and I need to try to get some sleep…I’m telling you…it took every ounce of control not to jump up and yell “YIPPEEE” when I searched my name in Christian Books and found it. I can’t wait until morning to tell the kids…they all know this was my goal!

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