In Memory of Daniel Jack Converse

I've been absent for quite a while. Life happens and honestly, I've been overwhelmed since Thanksgiving. Things keep stacking up and on Valentine's Day one more issue came my way when my dad passed away. This was unexpectedly expected. He hadn't been doing well for years but we did not expect it to happen now.... Continue Reading →

It’s a Writing Day!

We have had a lot of sickness in the house this last week. I'm still recovering. Food does not agree with my stomach. However, my dear Farmer decided after taking care of 7 sick people and not feeling the best myself I needed a break to rejuvenate. So, he sent me to the West Place... Continue Reading →

What is happening now?

WRITING: I am continuing to work on the next book in the SEASONS OF THE HEART SERIES. Winter Tumult is coming along. Unfortunately, I am only on Chapter 6 and it is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I hope to take a few dedicated days this month to really knock out the editing... Continue Reading →

Reviews Needed…

I hate to sound like a broken record, however I do not know how else to ask. Etiquette requires that I interact with my reviewers as little as possible and yet I need your help. I was so very happy to see that one of my reviewers did indeed repost their review on I... Continue Reading →

So what now…

Okay, so now that M.D. Schlatter Books is on, what comes next? Well, as with any major distributor like Amazon or even Barnes and Noble, I need reviews. So, if you have written a review for Autumn Frost or Travane and are willing to copy and share it again on I would greatly... Continue Reading →

A Dream Come True…

I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to report that M.D. Schlatter Books is now available on CHRISTIAN BOOK DISTRIBUTORS! This has been a dream of mine that is finally being fullfilled. When I first decided to publish my books that was my #1 be listed with the number one Christian Book... Continue Reading →

M.D. Schlatter Goes International

I am so shocked! I now have confirmation that my books have been sold in both Belgium and Italy! How cool is that. When I started writing several years ago I never imagined that my stories would actually become physical books. Then, I started sharing some of my works on my family blog and soon... Continue Reading →

July Newsletter Released Late

There is so much going on. I'll be honest, some days it is difficult to simply keep all the children fed! However, as the summer activities start to wind down and the school shopping gets done, I'm finding more time to keep up with all the things I've let slip during the summer. Sending out... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Matthew E. Nordin

Today I am so excited to share an interview with Matthew E. Nordin. I 'met' Matthew through Dot's House and have followed him on Facebook as he has continued his journey. He, and his lovely wife, are two of the nicest (and funniest) people I've worked with. It is a pleasure to support and stand... Continue Reading →

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