So what now…

Okay, so now that M.D. Schlatter Books is on, what comes next?

Well, as with any major distributor like Amazon or even Barnes and Noble, I need reviews.

So, if you have written a review for Autumn Frost or Travane and are willing to copy and share it again on I would greatly appreciate it!

This is one of those things that my hands are tied in. I cannot take your review and add it to It has to be submitted by you and I think you have to have an account with Christian Book.

Whether you are copying a review already written, or willing to write a new one, please remember, they don’t have to be long and detailed. Follow the guidelines they give you and if you need a reference, look at my post on What is a Review.

Because this is so vital, you will probably see me posting about this many more times. Reviews can make or break an author so PLEASE consider reviewing one of the books. It doesn’t even have to be a glowing review. Anything is better than nothing.

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