Will You Help?

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, Thank You for being a reader! Autumn Frost would not be near as successful if it wasn’t for YOU! So, thank you for taking the time to invest and read Autumn Frost!

Second, we’ve talked about how important reviews are and I am so excited that Autumn Frost continues to get reviews. If you have a B&N account or have purchased from Amazon lately, would you consider popping on and leaving a simple note? I know it may seem daunting to ‘leave a review’ but really it’s no more than what many of you have already done on Facebook or said to me personally.  “Love the book.” “Couldn’t put it down.” “Can’t wait for the next one.”

But really, the reason for this post is to ask if you would be willing to share Autumn Frost on your social media. Passing the word around is how Autumn Frost will continue to be successful. I’m busy trying to get book signings and sending out Advance copies to bookstores, but without YOU and the recommendations from readers like you, the interest will eventually die. And if that is what God has intended for Autumn Frost, I will accept that.

Don’t panic, I am also busy writing Travane and Winter Tumult. So, I’m not done writing. But if you feel led, would you take the image I’ve posted below and re-post it on your social media connections to spread the word. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Autumn Cover


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