Errors Fixed…Improved Versions NOW Available…

I had thought I had been extensive in my editing. I had 4 different people edit the book, and at least 2 others read it. But, amazingly, there were still errors. Fortunately, I have some amazing readers who were willing to let me know when they found errors and I was able to go in and correct them.

Thank YOU! I appreciate the honest feedback and the help in making Autumn Frost the best book it can be!

I am hopeful that we have most if not all of them fixed now and I am especially happy to report that we have the updated copy uploaded to IngramSpark for printing. So, the next round of books will be the improved, fixed versions. I am hoping that with these updated books Autumn Frost will get some recognition and acknowledgments.

Again, THANK YOU, to everyone who has helped make my first book it’s best!

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