What’s on the horizon?

I just finished my last scheduled book signing (though I think my sister is working on a couple more in the Nebraska area possibly). Sales are starting to slow down locally. So now what?

Well, first of all, if you haven’t checked out the kids’ writings under my Short Stories tab, you should check those out. I’ve added a few fall ones that either just came in or I found recently. I love reading and sharing my kids’ works too. So fun!

I’m working on writing when I can. With it being harvest and approaching the holiday season, time is more limited, but I promise, I’m working on my books. I’ve also got a few transitions happening that have required my time, but I hope to have those situations ironed out in a month or so.

As far as Autumn Frost goes, I’m working on submitting the book for various awards. I’m sending advance copies to various bookstores asking them to carry copies. And I will continue to offer the Discussion Questions in the reader’s group on my Facebook page (@mdschlatterbooks). With so many other things going on, I’m not looking for more events right now, but I hope after the new year to maybe do a few more author events in conjunction with a library or senior center. So, if you are involved in either of those and would like me to do an author event, please reach out and connect with me.

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