Getting Excited

In just two days we will be at the Moonstone Bookstore and Emporium in Red Cloud! Final touches are being made on the presentation and last minute connections are being made.

I’m really excited about doing this…and a bit nervous. 

I’ve never done a reading like this before, so it is a learning experience for me. I love the idea of sharing Autumn Frost with you and introducing Travane.  I also look forward to seeing what goodies the Moonstone Bookstore and Emporium has to offer. I hear they have coffee, tea, and other drinks as well as an amazing kolache! (In case you don’t know what a kolache is, it’s a Czech dessert roll that is common in this part of Nebraska).

So, here we go into an exciting and fun-filled weekend. I hope you will consider coming out to the Moonstone Bookstore and Emporium this Saturday, October 20th, at 7:00 p.m.

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