Trust in this book, as it brings you back to trusting

on August 20, 2018

Autumn Frost takes you on a journey of heart and soul. Young Autumn lost her mother at a young age and her father is abusive in his struggle to raise her on his own. Working to find her way out of her small hurtful life, Autumn finds herself in the home of a Lady. Lady Cannon has advertised for a companion for herself but her true need and desire holds a much larger definition. Once in the home of Lady Cannon Autumn will never be the same, but old haunts die hard, her life in hardship and control is not over. It is a test of faith, a newly found faith that will bring Autumn to the real truth of life.

This book is a wonderful path into love, life and faith. Each time I thought the struggle would over take the love and goodness in Autumn, good would win and the love of each other, the Heavenly Father and faith brought her and those around her through. I found myself amazed at how much I have grown to expect things to fall apart with no winning or reprieve, but Autumn Frost warms the soul with the good that takes place when you have faith and trust in the Lord.

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