So much happening!

Autumn Frost is finally released. (big sigh of relief)

I’ve started delivering the books to those that took advantage of the pre-order special. If I haven’t gotten to you yet, email or text me and I’ll work to get connected with you. Or, you can come to the book signing, on August 16th.

If you didn’t see my last post, check it out here. It has all the information on the Book Signing coming up in Smith Center. I’d love to see each of you there. We are going to have refreshments and a great time visiting, so even if you already have a book, please stop by and say HI.

I’m constantly amazed at where I see Autumn Frost popping up. Just a few minutes ago, I saw it on Goodreads! So anyone with a Goodreads account – check it out!  Goodreads has it listed as available on:


Now that is some CRAZY business there! I am constantly amazed. Amazon still does not have the eBook version available, and as I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes it takes up to a month for them to get the kindle version going. For those of you who are waiting for that to happen, considering sending me $4.99 plus tax and I can email you the ePub version of the book a lot quicker than Amazon will have it loaded. :0)
Thanks again to everyone who has been following, commenting, purchasing, and supporting this endeavor! I’m truly blessed to have each of you involved. I’ve got some more characters to introduce to you. I’ll try to get another post up in the next few days.

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