Happy Release Day!!

Autumn Frost is now available for purchase in paperback and eBook from your major retail sites! I even saw it on Amazon (though they didn’t have the cover or eBook version loaded yet).

After 10 years of waiting, the dream has come true!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, supported, and helped make this happen. A few specific people like my sister, my mom, the Farmer, my daughter and my friend Kim have been with me through the whole journey. Thank you guys for believing in me, putting up with me, and helping me stick with it.

Thank you to my two editors who challenged and encouraged me. At times I did not always like the input but I know in the end it was the molding that made it great.

Thank you to Dot’s House for the opportunity to work with the members of the house to achieve this dream and many others as well. Without you, the book would probably still be in the computer instead of available for distribution worldwide.

I cannot wait to hear from everyone who has purchased the book! Please leave a comment, review, or feedback on my website, Facebook, or retailer site. Every review really does help continue the dream!

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