Meet Autumn DeBlue

Autumn DeBlue
by Christopher Goedert

Autumn DeBlue is an 18-year-old young lady trapped by her circumstances. In Nebraska, you remain a minor until the legal age of 19. With a father who ignores her and puts unrealistic expectations on her, she can’t wait to get away – but her birthday is not coming fast enough. Then one day, she stumbles upon an opportunity that will change her life.

Find out how Autumn escapes her father and starts a new life. A life she never imagined possible.

Autumn Frost – On Sale Now for only $10.99!

Pre-orders being excepted at Dot’s Micro-Publishing House.
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Click on the title above to read an excerpt of the book and then get your copy before prices go up!

Get your Pre-order copy here.

A BIG shout out and thank you goes to Chris Goedert for helping to put a face to Autumn and several of the other characters in the Seasons of the Heart Series! Stay tuned to meet other characters in the weeks to come.

Drawing credit to Christopher Goedert, check out his other work here.


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