Sam & Sarah

So, the Farmer (i.e. my husband) started telling the kids stories when my two oldest were little. Since we had a girl followed 15 months later by a boy, he called them Sam & Sarah Stories.

There have been MANY Sam and Sarah Stories and I could not even begin to try to write them all down, however, I will try to at least get a few of the highlights of the ones the kids remember the most.

The Farmer says that the key to a good Sam & Sarah Story is to have something completely out of the realm of possibility happen in a normal setting. Like finding a dinosaur in the barn or an old door in the pasture that opens to another world.

So, here is my intro to the Sam and Sarah Stories, and I’ll try to get them added below as I get them dictated from the kids.

Oh, and you should know that EVERY Sam and Sarah Story starts the same: Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam and a girl named Sarah who lived in a big white house with a green roof in the middle of a forest with tall trees all around. There was a road that ran by their house and through the forest, and if you followed the road far enough, you get to the highway, and if you followed the highway far enough you get the town of Centerville.


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