First, I have to explain that my son Nathan was given the nickname Leonard at school. Apparently, there was a girl who thought there were too many people with the name Nathan-Nathaniel-Nate so to differentiate my son, she just randomly called him Leonard. AND IT STUCK! There are even times when that is what people think his real name is because that is all they have heard him called – like in baseball! Anyway, I wanted to preface this writing with that story because when the school paper came home, it was credited: By Leonard Schlatter.

(PS. I tried to recreate it just as it was, spelling errors and all because I love how my children write!)

What Christmas is About – 2017

I think Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and family. Decorating the christmas tree and opening presents is fun. But I don’t think that’s what Christmas is about. Christmas is about Jesus and family for different reasons. I think it’s about Jesus because he’s how Christmas started. I think it’s also about family because that is who you get to spend christmas with.

I think Christmas is mostly about Jesus. Without Jesus there would be no Christmas. Without Jesus there would be no tree, no presents, and no lights. So I think Christmas is about Jesus because he started it all. I also think it’s about Jesus because that’s the night he came down to earth. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and that’s why it is all about him.

I also think that Christmas is about family. I think family is a part of Christmas because for me Christmas would be really boring without my family. Some people like my cousins only get to see us a few times a year and Christmas is one of those times. I like Christmas because I get to spend time with people I know. Christmas only comes once a year and it’s not a time I want to waste. I think those are the most two important things about Christmas.


Fall – 2016

I feel the rough bark on an oak tree

I hear the crunch of leaves under me

I see the leaves swirling to the ground

The rushing water of the creek makes a churning sound


As the smell of pumpkin pie fills the air

I go sit down in my chair

I fill my plate with turkey and stuffing

Before I know it there is nothing


The corn in the field is ready to harvest now

The roar of the combine is a deafening sound

The trucks run to town to deliver the grain

We will keep on harvesting if there’s no rain

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