Family Stories

4.15.2019 – Jonny, Ethan, Nathan, Mommy

There once was a duck who attended church. His name was Bugles. He was bright blue and he ate a lot of bugle chips. He ate so many he laughed himself silly. The cows nearby fainted so no milk could wake them. The blue duck cried and laughed more. People got mad because he laughed so hard. Feeling sorry for the cows, Bugles made candy for them. They licked the candy and woke up happy. The End.

8.28.2018 – Zach & Mommy – Another Discussion

We are again driving in the bus.

Zach: Mommy?

Me: Yes, Zach.

Z: I saw a burl.

M: You saw a what?

Z: A burl. It was booodiful.

M: You saw a beautiful bird?

Z: Yes. It was a cute boodiful burl.

3.12.2018 – Zach & Mommy – A Discussion

We are in the bus driving.

Zach: What’s That?

Me: That’s a lake.

Z: Oooohhh.

Silence as we drive by the lake and it disappears.

Z: Where’s the waterfall?

M: It’s not a waterfall, it’s a lake; and we drove past it.

Repeat this question three times over about 3 minutes time. Followed by a short silence. Finally, Zach says:

Z: Oooohhh. Mommy, where’s the water tank?

M: We drove past it, honey; and it’s called a lake, not a water tank.

Repeat the question another three times, as I try to explain what a lake is.

Z: Ooooooh. But it is water, Mommy.

M: Yes, Zach. It is water.

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