2018 Poems with Graphics


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I Stand Here

I stand here

Full of gloom

I stand here

In this room

I stand here

All alone

I stand here

Surrounded by stone

I stand here

Trapped by fear

I stand here

With my tears

I stand here

Wanting to leave

I stand here

Afraid to breathe

I stand here

I lift my head

I stand here

I’m not dead

I stand here

I’m alive and well

I stand here

I must leave my cell

I stand here

I must just let go

I stand here

Of what I don’t know

I stand here

I’m not afraid

I stand here

My heart no longer weighed

I leave

I’m free indeed

I walk

Because I am freed

The Great Full Moon

That night of

The great full moon

Everyone was calm

He was coming soon.

For on the night

Of the great full moon

The man would come

With his balloons

He would choose three of us

Or maybe four

To come with him

To be here no more

For here was dark

And full of gloom

But some would escape

On the great full moon

They would rise in the air

And sail far away

And would go someplace better

For the rest of their days

We waited quietly

No one stirred

Nothing moved

No beast, no bird

The moon came up

It started to rise

Its brightness above us

Filled the skies

A shape appeared

his silhouette

He had his balloons

We knew he wouldn’t forget

Golden Leaves

Yesterday I saw

A tree with ten golden leaves

Sparkling in the sun.

Kittens Under the Tree

Many small kittens

Sitting under the oak tree

Play nicely with me.


A soft breeze blows by

Carrying cherry blossoms

Past the rising sun.

The Pizza Man

The pizza man named Ridge

On Tuesdays would cross the bridge

To  go and deliver

Under the river

To the troll who had no fridge.


Words of wisdom

Words of love

Words of courage

From above

Words that help

In times of need

Words that comfort

Words that lead

Words that make

Bad days good

Words that wonder

Words that could

Words that care

Words that cure

Thanks to God

For amazing words.

Mr. Oodle

Mr. Oodle

Owns a poodle

Who loves to eat

Ramen noodles.

Mr. Ritten

Has a kitten

Who likes to wear

Tiny mittens.

Mrs. Dony

Had a pony

Who ran away

Because he was lonely.

Mr. Matt

caught a bat

Who lived within

The Mrs.’ hat.