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What I Am Thankful For – 2019

I am thankful for my family, food, and our farm. I am thankful for family because eveerything is interesting when you have 4 brothers and a sister. Doing things as simple as eating supper can become a fun conversation. I am thankful for food because it can be fun to make. I also like food because it’s tasty. I like the farm because do a lot on it. It can be fun to hunt on the farm. During harvesting it is also fun to drive grain cart. These are the things I am thankful for.

Senses of the Fall – 2018

In the fall there’s lots to see,

Colorful leaves falling from a tree,

Plump orange pumpkins for pumpkin pie,

And all the fluffy white clouds in the sky.

During the fall there is thanksgiving,

Where you taste stuff that is very filling,

You can eat that fat old roasted turkey,

You can eat that gravy that looks real murky.

You can feel lots of things in the fall,

Like that old brown flat football,

You can feel a comfortable warm breeze

And the feathers from those big turkeys.

A Sinless World – 2017

There will be a world where there will be no sin

A place where everyone everywhere will win

A place where people wouldn’t even think to lie

A world where everyone is perfect every girl and guy

A place where no one would ever steal

Where no one would have to beg for a meal

A place where our everlasting father will be

And we can live with him eternally

A place where every singe one is nice

A place where to get something you don’t have to pay a price

Where there are streets of golden bricks

A world where you won’t get bitten by ticks

A place with no black magic

Where there won’t be anything tragic

A place where you can live happily

Where you can be with your family

A place where you aren’t mean to people with funny names like Mevin

This place is what people call heaven.

JESUS CHRIST – an acrostic poem – 2017

Jumping in the snow

Eating delicious food

Same fun traditions every time

Uniting with family

Savior is born in Bethlehem

Cousins come over to exchange gifts

Having Fun outside sledding

Reading the Christmas Story

Inside playing enjoyable games

Singing Christmas carols

Tree with presents under it

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